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Objective General Knowledge of Chhattisgarh (Part 2) by

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Objective General Knowledge of Chhattisgarh

Q.11 Which one of the following rivers is known as the Ganga of Chhattisgarh ?
(A) Mahanadi
(B) Khakhan Nadi
(C) Indravati Nadi
(D) Doodh Nadi

Ans : (A) Mahanadi

Q.12 Where is the old temple of Mama Bhanja situated in the state?
(A) Khalleri
(B) Rajim
(C) Barsur
(D) Bhopalpattnam

Ans : (C) Barsur

Q.13 Employment Exchange Head office of the Chhattisgarh state is working at ?
(A) Raipur
(B) Raigarh
(C) Bilaspur
(D) Durg

Ans : (D) Durg

Q.14 Where has the Cashew Research Centre been established in the state?
(A) In Bastar
(B) In Dewas
(C) In Shivpuri
(D) In Sajapur

Ans : (A) In Bastar

Q.15 Who among the following was the first martyred soldier of Chhattisgarh state?
(A) Veer Narayan Singh
(B) Gundadhur
(C) Surender Bahadur Sahai
(D) Hanuman Singh

Ans : (A) Veer Narayan Singh

Q.16 Where is the head office of the Southern coal field in the state?
(A) In Khandwa
(B) In Bastar
(C) In Bilaspur
(D) In Kanker

Ans : (C) In Bilaspur

Q.17 Which is the city of temples at Chhattisgarh ?
(A) Dongargarh
(B) Rajim
(C) Orang
(D) Ratanpur

Ans : (C) Orang

Q.18  Who is the first woman in the Council of Ministers in the state?
(A) Smt. Pratibha Shah
(B) Smt. Geeta Devi Singh
(C) Smt. Phulo Devi Netam
(D) Smt. Shyama Dhruv

Ans : (B) Smt. Geeta Devi Singh

Q.19  Total no. of divisions in Chhattisgarh is ?
(A) 02
(B) 03
(C) 04
(D) 05

Ans : (B) 03

Q.20 Chhattisgarh High Court at Bilaspur ranks in the country ? 
(A) 17th
(B) 18th
(C) 19th
(D) 20th

Ans : (C) 19th

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